A-Mechanic Scaffold Builder

Position: Opening(s) you applied on or indicated interest
Location: St Paul Park Minnesota 55071
Start Date: 2/25/2019
End Date: Long Term
Job Details:
The scaffold builder position is local to St. Paul Park, MN working 4/10's (no travel/no per diem). This positions offers benefits.
Job Description:

Starcon is looking for Industrial Scaffold Builders. The right candidate will have previous experience working in chemical plants and/or refineries. You will be responsible for the lay out, figuring material needs, building of simple scaffolding systems. You will construct and/or assemble scaffolding in accordance with project requirements and applicant standards, including OSHA. You will design and build normal scaffolding systems less than 50 feet in height. You will identify and mitigate hazards regarding scaffolding installation. You will inspect and select the proper materials and locations for the scaffolding sites. You will be climbing and inspecting all completed scaffolds and tag either green or yellow for use by others.

Required Skills:

Climbing scaffolds and structures in a proper manner including following 100 percent tie-off policy.

Working knowledge of Starcon’s scaffolding systems including system scaffold, tube and clamp, and decking systems.

Read and understand drawings

Working knowledge of safe rigging practices

Complete appropriate Starcon skills assessment test(s).

Willing to provide guidance and onsite training experience too lesser,experienced crafts to laborers.

Must be able to climb ladders, scaffold, structures, and stairways without restriction

Must be able to carry 50 lbs. of tools and/or materials

Must be able to work at elevated heights as well as in confined spaces(towers, vessels, excavations, etc.)

Post Hire Requirements:

Always be in compliance with all of Starcon and clients’ safety and quality control procedures.

Work in a team effort with all team members in order to reach a commongoal.

Work Environment

The work environment will require you to work in SCBA, special protective PPE specific to the unit and working at heights. Extended work hours may be required. Exposure to outdoor weather conditions. Must be physically able to carry up to 50 lbs. of tools and/or material.