Laborer- Fire & Hole Watch Attendant

Position: Opening(s) you applied on or indicated interest
Location: New Lenox Illinois 60451
Start Date: 11/1/2018
End Date: Long Term
Job Details:

Starcon is looking for fire and whole watch attendants towork short term and long term jobs throughout the Chicago land area. Youwill be performing safety fire watch and hole watch duties. You will be required to be a confined spaceattendant and bottle watch attendant for craft working in confined spaces.

Starcon will provide thetraining course for this position. Must pass drug test and criminal backgroundcheck.

PostHire Requirements:

Always be in compliance with all of Starcon and clients’safety and quality control procedures.

Work in a team effort with all team members in order toreach a common goal.

Be willing to assist other crafts when directed

Work Environment

The workenvironment will require you to work in SCBA, special protective PPE specificto the unit and working at heights. Extended work hours may be required. Exposure to outdoor weather conditions. Must be physically able to carry up to 50 lbs. of tools and/ormaterial.

Job Description: