Journeyworker HPP Pipefitter

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Location: St Paul Park Minnesota 55071
Start Date: Start ASAP
End Date: Long Term
Job Details:

Location: St. Paul Park, MN

The Journeyworker High Pressure Pipefitter is engaged in the practical construction and installation of high-pressure piping and appurtenances. Duties include the direct supervision of Registered Unlicensed Individuals assisting in the construction, installation or replacement of high pressure piping systems.

At times, you may beasked to perform duties outside of this role depending on the workload.

Job Description:


Successful candidates must have a valid Master or Journeyworker HPP Pipefitter license through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Experience working in petrochemical facilities is preferred

Preferred Skills:

•Torch cutting, operation of equipment such as pipe cutting/beveling machines, grinder and cutting tools, etc.

•Knowledge of control valves, check valves and relief valves related to removal, handling and proper installation

•Ability to install and remove blinds for isolating fixed equipment

•Sound knowledge of rigging skills

•Knowledge of materials as it applies to cutting or welding

•Ability to read and understand piping isometric drawings and P&ID’s

•Ability to read and understand weld procedures

•Ability to perform steam tracing on associated piping systems

•Cut and thread pipe using various tools and machines

•Ability to layout and install pipe hangers.

•Ability to layout and fit pipe from field dimensions or from field sketches, Isometric and P&ID drawings.