A-Mechanic Boilermaker

Position: General Application - Future Openings
Location: LaPorte Texas 77571
Start Date: Start ASAP
End Date: 9/30/2017
Job Details:

STARCONis looking for Boilermakers for upcoming projects in the Freeport, TX area.Must be LOCAL.

The right candidate will have four or more previous years’ experience working in chemical plants and/or refineries in the boilermaking field. The boilermaker is normally responsible for work on pressure vessels, towers, and trays; the bolt-up pf piping and valve systems and blinding. STARCON is a merit shop contractor supporting a team working environment. As such, all team members will be required from time to time to perform other duties that they are qualified to perform, outside of this job description and their normal work function.

Job Description:

The roles and responsibilities of a Boilermaker may include but are not limited to the following items.

•Performing quality work.

•Insure proper permits have been obtained.

•Layout, locates and mark reference points on pressure vessels.

•Grind, hammer or use flame cutting equipment to shape irregular edges of sections or structural parts or facilitates fitting edges together.

•Positions drums and headers into supports or bolts or welds supports to frame.

•Roll, cut and extract tubes from a heat exchanger Tube Sheet.

•Pull tube bundles from heat exchangers.

•Ability to perform appropriate testing on assembled vessels, etc.

•Responsible for the disassembly and assembly of unit equipment.

•Must work well as part of a team.

•Housekeeping of job site.

•Getting all tools and materials used by his or her crew to the proper place at the end of shift.

•Responsible for work associated with steam boilers, including tube extraction, tube replacement, tube rolling and installation of anchoring systems.

•Responsible for work associated with heaters, including tube extraction, tube replacement, tube rolling, installation of anchoring systems and tube supports.

•Must be willing to provide guidance and on the job training experience to other crafts from Boilermaker III to Helpers/Laborers.

•Completion of JSA and SLA forms.

•Fully participate in health, safety, quality and environmental processes.

•Is an ambassador for STARCON to the client, other contractors and the public.

Qualification Guidelines:

• Experience in the Petrochemical Industry or related field, with five or more years of experience in the boilermaker field

• Skills (as applicable to assignment):

Attained proficiency of Boilermaker III

Ability to plan work activities ahead of work pace

Advanced Rigging Techniques

Tray Bar Installation

Advance knowledge of tray removal and installation

Advanced knowledge of removal and installation of heater tubes

Advanced knowledge of boiler installation including steam drums and mud drums

Roll, Cut and Extract exchanger tubes from a Tube Sheet

Advanced knowledge of layout skills

Sound knowledge of rigging skills

Complete appropriate STARCON skills assessment test(s) or NCCER Assessment Tests in Boilermaker skill set


Must be willing to attend continued training applicable to job as deemed necessary by STARCON.

Must pass a craft-specific test (either written, performance or both, if required)


Must have valid driver’s license or other government issued identification.

May require a TWIC card

•Physical: Must comply with STARCON’s drug and alcohol policy

Must be able to pass physical examination, pre-employment if necessary, and as required by STARCON

Must be able to climb ladders and stairways

Must be able to carry 50 lbs. of tools and/or materials

Must be able to work at elevated heights as well as in confined spaces (towers,vessels, excavations, etc.)

Must be able to work extended hours on your feet on uneven surfaces (dirt,concrete, asphalt, mud, gravel, etc.)

Must be clean shaven and able to work while wearing a respirator and other personal protective equipment, when required


Must be able to pass applicable site-specific training.

Knowledge of refinery and chemical plant hazards which may require special precautions and PPE, such as Sulfuric, H2S and HF.

Must undertake the appropriate safety/environmental training commensurate with position and location.

CPR and 1st Aid trained, when required.

Must be able to read and understand safety instructions, signs, labels and permits in English.