Position: General Application - Future Openings
Location: LaPorte Texas 77571
Start Date: Start ASAP
End Date: 9/30/2017
Job Details:
STARCON is looking for Welders for upcoming projects in the Freeport, TX area. Must be LOCAL.

The right candidate will have a minimum of two years of welding experience in the petrochemical industry or related field with the required weld testing certifications from Starcon to perform the assigned tasks. You are responsible for performing X-ray quality welding in all positions with the SMAW and GTAW processes with a variety of electrodes. You will be required to use torch cutting and operating equipment such as pipe beveling machines. You will assure all hold points and requirements on code work are met. You must be willing to do tasks other than welding such as pipe fitting and boilermaker duties as directed.

Job Description:

Primary Function:

The Duties of a Welder III will primarily involve performing various welding duties in a safe and quality manner. The Welder III must understand and adhere to all STARCON and client QA/QC standards and procedures. The Welder III will be expected to work closely with his/her Supervisor and STARCON’s QA/QC Department to ensure all work is completed in a timely manner and with the highest quality.

The Welder III will support other team members in all assigned tasks. This team member shall work as a Welder III until the necessary knowledge, experience, testing and certification have been obtained, to enable the Team Member to advance to Supervisor or other staff position.

STARCON is a merit shop contractor supporting a team working environment. As such, all team members will be required from time to time to perform other duties that they are qualified to perform, outside of this job description and their normal work function.

Work Environment:

The normal work environment will be in an industrial facility where exposure to outdoor weather conditions is possible and where proper PPE is required for a variety of potential hazards.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of a Welder III may include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Safe use of pipe hand and power tools.

•A basic understanding of isometric drawings and blue prints.

•Understand material take-offs.

•Field determine measurements, fabricate, modify, and/or revise piping per sketches, isometric drawings and blueprints.

•Prioritization of tasks.

•Torch cutting and operation of equipment such as pipe beveling machines.

•Basic rigging knowledge associated with the moving of piping details and fittings.

•Ensure all welding rod is stored and handled properly according to the STARCON QA/QC Manual and manufacturer’s recommendations.

•Read and understand WPS/WPQ documents.

•Assuring all hold points and requirements on code work are met.

•Assist in assuring all required STARCON and client QA/QC forms are properly filled out with all necessary signatures.

•Stamps all welds.

•Demonstrates a leadership role in safety, quality, housekeeping, productivity and client relations.

•Completion of JSA and SLA forms.

•Able and willing to provide guidance and on the job training experience to other crafts from Welder II to Laborers.

•Fully participate in health, safety, quality and environmental processes.

•Is an ambassador for STARCON to the client, other contractors and the public.

Qualification Guidelines:


Four years of welding experience in the petrochemical industry or related field, with

required weld test certifications to perform assigned tasks.


Perform X-ray quality welding in all positions with the SMAW and GTAW processes with a variety of electrodes.

Be willing to do tasks other than welding such as pipefitting and boilermaker duties as directed.

Competent to verify fit-ups and dimensions.

Ability to read and understand plans and isometric drawings.

Safe and correct use of hand and power tools.

Ability to effectively receive and communicate verbal directions from

Supervisors, Clients, Managers and fellow team members.

Mathematical skills as they pertain to the execution of their work tasks.

Able to pass the appropriate weld test(s) given by STARCON or client.

Perform all the responsibilities of the Welder II.

Be willing to do other tasks than weld, pipefitting and boilermaker duties when necessary.

Sound knowledge of hand signals and rigging skills.

Complete appropriate STARCON skills assessment test(s).


Retain an ASW weld test certification or equivalent.

Must pass a craft-specific test (either written, performance or both, if required).


Must have valid driver’s license or other government issued identification

May require a TWIC


Must comply with STARCON’s drug and alcohol policy. Able to pass physical examination, pre-employment if necessary as required by


Must be able to climb ladders and stairways.

Must be able to carry 50 lbs. of tools and/or materials.

Must be able to work at elevated heights as well as in confined spaces. (towers, vessels, excavations, etc.)

Must be able to work extended hours on your feet on uneven surfaces. (dirt, concrete, asphalt, mud, gravel, etc.)

Must be clean shaven and able to work while wearing a respirator and other personal protective equipment, when required.


Must be able to pass applicable site-specific training. Knowledge of refinery and chemical plant hazards which may require special precautions and PPE, such as Sulfuric, H2S and HF.

Must undertake the appropriate safety/environment training commensurate with the position and location.

CPR and 1st Aid trained, when required.

Must be able to read and understand safety instructions, signs, labels and permits in English.

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